An artistic residency Modernism for the Future – European city of Culture Kaunas 2022 with Zuzana Bartošová, Wervik, Belgium.
Exhibited in Belgium – Wervik and Latvia – Kaunas, 2021/2022.

Researching pre-modernistic architecture and its artistic interpretation through Huib Hoste’s realisations in Kortrijk.
Serigraphy workshops, site specific sculptures, postcards.

The project is based on the morphology of the Hardware store building, which has undergone changes over the years. Our goal is to point out the development of the external features of the building (external features), but also the connection with the purpose for which the building was used (internal context). We want to relate the modernist features that the building bears to the ideas of modernity (in general) through contextualization. We choose architecturally interesting parts of the exterior and interior of the building, from which we plan to create scale 3D models from original materials (concrete, glass, etc.). This will create a series of models that act as museum artifacts, and the architecture of our exhibition is also conceived in this style. The artifacts will added QR codes, which take over the function of “labels” for works, similar to what is the case in museums. After displaying the QR code, however, a caption does not appear, but a link to an animation that works with the visual morphology of a particular artifact. Animation acts at first as games (literally referring to them somewhere – tetris), but over time their original meaning, transformation, or more general context to the ideas of modernism that they mediate begins to appear.