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Left click Apex Legends in the My Game library > Settings > Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options Command line arguments: -high +fps_max Unlimited !!! In this guide, we will show a list of Useful, and other Apex Legends launch options/commands, for Steam. Press J to jump to the feed. with Driver Booster 6), especially Nvidea/AMD drivers! It felt like every action was delayed, like it was as if I had a slow reaction time. This can be removed with the +fps_max unlimited command line argument. Use it at your own risk! Ex: Place the borderless window along the vertical axis. You can turn on your FPS tracking to monitor whether you should turn down other gameplay settings. For games without Reflex, Nvidia's Latency Mode "On" makes the game's frame buffer only buffer 1 frame. After looking into "Adaptive" extensively, the TL;DR is: Keep V-Sync "Off" ingame, keep V-Sync "On" in NVCP for Apex. Overall, you will enjoy a better performance by lowering the resolution manually. With this guide, you can be assured you have the proper settings applied and the only "problems" is your hardware and maybe slow internet. Turn Windows Game Mode "ON"This lets Windows prioritize your game over other apps / background tasks. It syncs your fps to your monitor's refreshrate. I took a break from apex and started playing this week. Respawn claims Adaptive is supposed to lock the framerate to the monitor refresh rate. Disables Windows Aero DirectX extensions; may improve performance in certain cases. You can set up the window mode to troubleshoot such issues. I get up-to 240+ FPS, but stable 144FPS if locked via RivaTuner. I read somewhere that it was fixed with Season 9 but as I tried to increase from 180 up to 235fps it still gets terrible above 189 so afaik it's still a thing. Update: Still no update on the Admin mode situation. Paste this inside the Run box: "%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\local" (without the Quotation marks) Open up the Videoconfig.txt with Wordpad or Notepad++. Launch Apex Legend and open the Video settings. After looking further into V-Sync "Adaptive", the conclusion is that using V-Sync "On" in NVCP together with "Off" ingame is the best option no matter the setup. 13 Situational: Crypto, Rampart, Wattson, Caustic. Download the Nvidia Control Panel (NVCP), if you haven't already.On Win10 it's in the Microsoft Store. With Nvidia Reflex, G-Sync makes everything feel incredibly fluid and what you would expect when someone claims "perfect fluidity" and "best performance". Due to the hacker issue in Call of Duty Warzone becoming more toxic than ever, many high-profile content creators like Nickmercs and TimtheTatman have decided to invest their time into Apex. You can copy it here.This file is found in C:\Users\DooDooHead\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\Local. Right-click on Apex Legends and select Game Properties, then Advanced Launch Options. Now select Advanced Launch Options tab, then put +fps_max 60 in the Command line arguments field. In it, look for launch options . Set Apex to run as Administrator, always. My system: 2080ti, Ryzen3900, some expensive ram, Omen 27 165hz. IMPORTANT NOTE !!! This guide will be set up with G-Sync in mind, as this provides the best experience when set up properly.No joke, if you think otherwise you're setting it up wrong or don't understand how it works. Click Save. Read the section "Understanding The Alternate Setup" lower in the guide for more info. +fps_max 60. That is all we are sharing in this guide for useful commands or launch options for Apex Legends. Go to your Game Library and right-click on Apex Legends Click the 'Game Properties' option on Origin. Honestly these changes put a smile on my face that hasn't been there since Worlds Edge dropped. ), Start settings a minimum but dont save it. Boost has been updated by Nvidia to actually benefit more in CPU bound and GPU bound scenarios. The input lag increase is perceptible but doesn't trigger my somewhat latent OCD as much as the double/triple buffering in-game settings do. This gives you better input lag and fps. Crypto is very similar to Bloodhound, although his scanner . I recently got a 3080Ti and can easily run the game above 240fps and when im not putting in any inputs its all super smooth but the moment i strafe or aim around its like things are rapidly moving side to side 2 pixels and become blurry. Set the maximum frame per second to the number that has been assigned. To find your videoconfig file, press Win+R and then input the following line: Right click on videoconfig.txt and open it with WordPad or another text editor. For more than 5 years, Satwick Ghosh has penned gadgets, different technology, and video game-related nerd-copy for various publications. Set it up to your own PC's hardware restrictions. However, a few commands are no longer supported to alter the game settings. On monitors without G-Sync or Freesync, Fast Sync is a good compromise of input lag and tearing, as it lowers input lag and eliminates tearing. I suggest you either cap fps at 190 in RTSS or in steam/origin launch options using +fps_max 190 instead of Unlimited. It is not required if you have a monitor with less than 144hz, or if you are playing from a laptop and you want to save as much battery as possible. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy - Terms of Use. Not only the infamous names, but many players are also deciding to switch over, and with the introduction of new . Lets start with the launch options in order to remove the fps cap. Read them, they're important. Decides the screen data will run on in Linux. Reducing latency in CPU bound scenarios by further pacing the CPU and increasing GPU clocks. Also fixes the problem when using the chat wheel would force the cursor to be stuck in one direction. Forces Dota to use a desktop color profile. This guide ensures you won't get the tearing and negatives that normally comes with those sudden fps changes. Add the following to Command line arguments . Command Line Arguments are an excellent way to force the game to always run at desired settings. Sometimes it leads to crashing the game mid-way. If you have any other commands to add to this list, use the below comment box. Field of View: it depends on your preferences. Hence, to make every change you wish in the Apex Legends, follow the below process. They want to cap their fps for performance stability and are using G-Sync. Set width of main render window (default is 640), Set height of main render window (default is 480), Use the specified screen adapter number (zero-based), Set anisotropic Filter Quality Level (0-16), Dont count hyperthreaded cores as real ones to create tasks on, Enable lights volumetric effects in foggy weather, number of vertical synchronizations to limit game to, Set the whole rendering pipeline to 16-bit, Number of multisamples (1, 2, 4, 8, or 16), Dont use quaternion transforms for placed entities, Selects between linear, rpdb, box 44, soft 16, Set Pedestrians LOD Distance Bias (0.0-1.0f), Enable shadow rendering for dusk and dawn, Set Vehicles LOD Distance Bias (0.0-1.0f). Other rig was a 10900k with EVGA 3090 FTW. So they wont work anymore irrespective of how much flexibility your Steam Client provides. This comment is part of the "Apex and V-Sync" section in the main guide. Most monitors today have VRR, not much to do if you don't but your experience will not be as good. Ex: Place the borderless window along the horizontal axis. Your display should have a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is likely why while testing and without tools like LDAT to assist me, it was difficult seeing if there was a distinct difference to V-Sync "On" in the NVCP with V-Sync "Off" ingame, against using Adaptive ingame or even using both "On" at the same time. Automatically skips the introduction video. Finally, Nvidia Inspector can be used to remove grass, terrain textures, and more. Default 100. As his favourite pass time, he likes to collect good books and enjoys cooking delicious dishes. Lots of pros don't know how to set it up, so hopefully this gives them the information necessary for a flawless setup. Sets the keyboard layout to the specified region. The guide won't improve fps directly, but provides significant stability and help you understand what you want in terms of performance; Low and stable frametimes. Right Click My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Settings for Performance > Select: Adjust for best performance. For Example, -novid -console. Here's an interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtSfjBfp1LA. But this doesn't mean Reflex is working. Set RTSS's "framerate limit" to the same, or 1 below. Lower values may cause gameplay problems. You can easily change game settings using these options now. I try to find monitor technology under the gsync settings bit its not there. Set to 1 to set the fps to the monitors refresh rate and set to 0 for unlimited Frame Rates. Reflex makes the input lag the lowest it can be at all times no matter your other settings, so you only have to account for how the game looks and feels to yourself. TL;DR for Apex and V-Sync (for use with G-Sync). Using Adaptive allows us to cap fps a little higher than what Reflex's "safe zone" is. +fps_max (Your preferred number) Limit FPS to the given number. Heroes of the Storm is coded to always launch on the primary display as set in Windows, and as far as I'm aware there isn't a command line argument to change this unfortunately. These adjustments are useful if you are struggling to reach an acceptable amount of fps as you are using a low-spec PC, but also if you have a monitor with a high refresh-rate as you bought it to gain an edge in a competitive shooter such as Apex Legends. Open Apex Legends and check if it fixes the lagging issue. In NVCP, the feature called "Max Frame Rate" is similar to fps_max but gives less stable frametimes than RTSS. G-Sync removes the tearing, Reflex makes input lag the lowest it can be. Preloading the game elements comes in handy in this case. This Apex Legends launch option turns off the games V-Sync. 4) Click Advanced Launch Options. Using these commands, you can easily change your in-game settings, i.e., launching the game in fullscreen mode or with a high frame rate. How to fix Apex Legends lag: 4-step guide Get a reliable VPN. .. His videos are likely the #1 source on this topic. You can copy it here.This file is found in C:\Users\DooDooHead\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\Local. Lower the framerate limit in RTSS if you can't reach your desired fps. Win+R and navigate to %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\local and edit videoconfig.txt, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Apex Legends and right click r5apex.exe. Download and run RTSS. (Limiting fps is good) Battle Nonsense explains this well on his channel. It's just that sometimes in-game V-Sync works better due to optimizations in the game engine relating to VRR tech. Required fields are marked *. It is linked to the main guide under "Understanding The Alt Setup" section. There are a lot of guides on Youtube for more specific PC / Windows performance improvements, but you don't have to fuzz with HPET timers and system latency. If the fps goes above the max refresh rate: G-Sync disengages and you get normal V-Sync. Therefore: Use V-Sync "On" in NVCP, and "Off" ingame. Starts the benchmark test from the command line, Optionally output the individual frame times from the benchmark, Specifies the number of iterations to run the benchmark for, Specifies an individual benchmark scene test should be done, and which test should be, Disable audio processing for graphics benchmark purposes. Example of how fps_max looks vs RTSS: https://i.imgur.com/zbISaed.png. How do you string multiple commands in the one launch option line Steam provides, string them one after the other? It's still valid and it's now updated it to address that the microstutter is now gone, among being a bit more specific in some parts to make it up-to-date. Look at this comparison for Apex's ingame framerate limit using fps_max set to 180 versus RTSS set to 180: https://i.imgur.com/zbISaed.png The green line at the bottom shows the frametime graphs, Everyone who is interested in input lag, latency, g-sync and the likes should be looking at BattleNonsense's videos about all of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msOWcvoIC8M. Let me know if there's anything to add. As of a few months ago (Today is 18/04/2022), the microstutter has been fixed. Please let us know what your experience is with custom and stretched resolutions in Apex Legends. NOTE: Boost will increase your power consumption and temps, in many cases you're better off just properly undervolting you GPU. Reflex is actually a latency mode, but when enabled it overrides anything else so "On" or "Ultra" in the NVCP doesn't matter for Apex if you use Reflex. Feb 22, 2020 #14,017 Yeah I'm done with King's . If you just want to "follow a guide" > Use the main setup. Now go through the list below to know what customisations you can add to your game using different Launch Options. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It looks like this, download here.Scroll down to the bottom. This list of commands no longer works when entered in Steam or Origin. OBS requires resources so you will experience less FPS while OBS is running.Remove fancy stuff / overlays from your stream if you want the lowest CPU usage % in OBS. It will work 100%, on all PCs. A fair number of pros from various games have also tried gsync and gotten off it after not too much time, the lack of tearing is very nice though. You can check if Apex is Elevated in Task Manager. Ex: Restores video and performance settings to default for the current hardware detected. Step 1: At first close Apex Legends even if it's opened with the Launcher Step 2: Now go to your Game Library and right-click on Apex Legends Step 3: Choose Properties from the pop-up menu Step 4: In the Properties window, navigate to the GENERAL tab Step 5: Now click on the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button in Steam Then all you need is the fps to remain high. You likely don't need a second streaming PC, you just need to set up your game and OBS properly. You're giving yourself instability if not. I would keep Latency Mode On at all times no matter if you use OBS or not. Technically Reflex steps in for Latency Mode "ON". Your videoconfig.txt file should look like this. That's it! To resolve this problem, some users turned off the intro video using the -dev command in Steam or Origin. Based on BlurBuster's article, g-sync should introduce virtually 0 input lag; but something feels off with it whether it's the smoothing or some input lag and incorrect testing by bb. If your 144Hz monitor caps Apex at 138 fps but your cap in RTSS is 141, change cap in RTSS to 138. A hilarious troubleshooting step is checking if you actually set your monitor to 144Hz. The trade-off is janky, unstable frametimes with fps_max but the absolute lowest input lag ingame against perfect, stable frametimes with RTSS and up to 1 more frame of input lag. Alt Setup works better than main but has more stuff to set up. The fps caps in this guide assume your fps exceeds those caps. If you want to limit it to 100, you would use +fps_max 100. C Reference Command Line Arguments For Apex. If you're GPU bottlenecked, then capping with RTSS under your average FPS doesn't really have an effect on input lag. Making sure that the game is only using around 90% of your gpu maximum is also really important for smooth input. This setting brings a massive fps boost as it disables all shadows. Select Apex Legends. A computer science graduate by qualification, Zoid loves to keep himself updated with the latest gaming content related to PC, Android, and other platforms as well. You can use these launch options for the Origin launcher as well, but these are mainly for steam users. The game capture causes resource issues when Apex isn't elevated (ran as admin). Since Steam / Origin "runs" the game, they also require admin to launch other apps as admin. Setting DPI scaling options on r5apex.exe doesn't affect Apex's performance. Since preloading is handled by the game, this option seems obsolete. As mentioned in the main guide, on a 144Hz it will cap to 138. Apex Legends is based on a heavily modified version of the Source engine. To enable Apex Legends' FPS Counter, just follow these simple steps: Open the Origin client. In the Command Line Arguments text box enter +fps_max 0. You do this by finding the r5apex.exe in your game folder and right-clicking > Properties > then check "Run this program as administrator". This guide's OBS section explains a bit around that. As well, any ordinary player won't know all this. [1] Apex Legends released on Origin on February 4, 2019. It felt like I was in control of every action, and despite that buttery image being gone, I could play way more reactively. You can verify this in other titles that support Reflex, like Overwatch or Valorant. Your questions around the guide are likely answered in the "understanding x" sections. And even less when a title supports Nvidia Reflex, which lowers it further. Texture Streaming Budget: Insane 8GB VRAM (equal to your GPU VRAM). But looking around left and right still feels less than the system build should be outputting. On Windows 7 set this to Performance Mode. I recommend using HDMI 2.1 cables or Displayport 2.0 cables as they're completely backwards compatible and better shielded. Set to the same or what you prefer/need. I have 16GB of ram and I still run into issues sometimes as I tend to keep the browser open the whole day, so it ends using over 5-6GB of ram with many tabs open. Enable Nvidia Reflex, or Anti-Lag if you have a AMD gpu. The main difference should really just be that OBS takes some resources and thus you get lower fps while it's running. May help people with issues in third-party communication software, such as Skype, in which their microphone volume would get maxed upon launching the game. Your NVCP settings for r5pex.exe should look like this. We will see if these commands are supported in the current version of Apex Legends (Season 7 v3.02.267) or not. However, the fps must exceeed the refreshrate. If during or after any of the launch options, you face any issues, remove it from the command line and play as it was before. You can also find this setting inside the game options of Apex Legends. If you use the ingame fps cap via the fps_max command line, you get a fluctuating frametime that is almost jittering and personally not fluid at all. This should be the total sum of what is needed to set up Apex to properly to work on any setup. The game is also limited by a 144fps cap. That is correct, most ingame framelimiters introduce less input lag than RTSS. Configure Best Apex Legends Settings. I suggest you either cap fps at 190 in RTSS or in steam/origin launch options using +fps_max 190 instead of Unlimited. Helps load times after you find a game since you no longer have to load the map then. Many thanks for the step by step explanations! The devs have clearly had some big engine challenges. Weve mentioned these commands in the below section. In any case, lower values will improve your performance. Force the refresh rate: -refresh [0 260 and above] |, Utilize all CPU cores available: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES, Maximise memory usage: -maxMem=[0 64000(bytes)] |, Launch into multiplayer free mode: -StraightIntoFreemode, Check game installation for problems and repair any issues found. Make one to limit fps in main menu and while spectating after you die! (165hz is doable but when I heard that Apex dev say that your bandwidth is directly linked to your framerate, as a Wi-fi player, I had to look for -that- sweet spot too.). Be aware that any value past medium might have an impact on the fps, so if you want to maximize them be sure to select 3GB even if you have more VRAM. Got specific Suggestions? Hello, You can add +gfx_nvnUseLowLatency 1 to enable NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency. Launch Apex Legends. Game Capture in OBS or discord seems to affect Apex heavily and causes more input lag or monitor lag, but elevating Apex somehow alleviates this. It provides a developer friendly way of interacting with Apache Apex platform. A list of all (known) launch options and their usefulness in the game are listed below for Apex Legends. Right-click on Apex Legends and choose Game Properties. That's why G-Sync exists in the first place. As you can see, there are launch commands for other games as well. That's why the main setup suggests you use the NVCP's V-Sync "On" for broader compatibility, and it will always work. We will only change a few of them. Apache Apex Command Line Interface. More testing is needed here and each setup behaves slightly different under load so its hard to say what feels best. You can limit the FPS as per your monitors refresh rate or set it to unlimited. Guide updated:- 18/04/22 - Updated with current info about the microstutter and admin mode, better formatting.- 15/08/21 - Updated advice on V-Sync after further research into it. Now, go to the game properties section. Make a shortcut of r5apex.exe to your desktop. -window / -windowed The game will always launch in Windowed Mode. Definitely, set the fps cap to something your PC can reliably handle. A fair bit of testing has gone into this, and man. That's not good. Important information can be used for a number of reasons to record data and stats. Current white list: Minimap, HUD, icons, custom cursor images, all sound directories, flash videos. The list of Apex Legends launch options/commands end here. In the case of 0, it can speed up the preloading but may hamper your gaming experience. I will show you how to set up each option for maximum performance. Step 1 - Downloading the additional language files Browse to the game in your library If you want to use this, go for it by all means. This is up to preference. Fast Sync eliminates tearing outside of the refreshrate range, and G-Sync eliminates within. I haven't tested Windows 11 yet, but it seems to give the same performance. Ignores settings inside any .cfg files until this parameter is removed. A higher field of view (FOV) increases your peripheral vision, but at the same time all the targets are smaller, and it can cause a fisheye effect. to "what frame times and stability are you getting?". When active, G-Sync eliminates the input lag that would normally come from only using V-Sync. -language italian. Fast Sync works in many ways the "opposite" of how G-Sync or VRR tech works. Of course, you will be at a disadvantage in some situations in which you might have spotted the enemy if their shadow was visible, but it is a rare occurrence. How to Uninstall Epic Games Launcher Windows/Mac And Delete Its Files? Nvidia Reflex will automatically cap the fps for us. Your videoconfig file should look like like this. If youve earlier set window mode for Apex Legends, entering this command will revert the changes.

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